Las Vegas Hot Spots

No one needs to be introduced to Las Vegas, the city known for its modern party culture. It  las-vegas-clubs-bartenders411is a no-brainer vacation spot if you are looking for some drinking and party with a spouse or with friends. With the diverse culture of Vegas and the active ambiance, you will soon find yourself lost in the night club parties. If you are visiting Vegas and want to make sure that you make the most out of your trip, you must visit the best hot spots here. These are the places where you cannot only have amazing food but can also enjoy some of the world’s best lagers and wines. Here is our list of the top Hot Spots in Vegas.

 Play Boy Club – This one is a no-brainer. It is the ultimate partying spot in Las Vegas. The club is often seen as an adult playground. You can visit it simply to drink and dance along with your partner. However, your options do not end here. The nightclub is located in Palms Resort, which is known to have the best casinos in the city. You can carelessly enjoy answering all your vices here!

Wet Republic – This Las Vegas hotspot is the perfect amalgamation of the night and day life of the city. Regardless of the time, you can visit the place to have amazing time. In the daytime, you can enjoy the saltwater pools and spas here. You can also have fun sunbathing in the large 2500 square feet lounge. On the other hand, you can visit the Web Republic at night to enjoy the best nightlife in the city.

Hard Rock Beach Club –With perfect oasis surroundings, this place could not be more perfect to party at night. You can hear the sound of a waterfall nearby while looking over at the blue waters. To enhance the theme, you will get your drinks on the rocks and enjoy through the night to the sound of music mingled with the rush of the waves!

Red Rock Casinos Resort –It would be nearly impossible to find resort as good as this one. The place is perfect for relaxing with its innumerable spas and luxurious bungalows. If you are still in the mood to party, you can choose among the movie theatres, nightclubs and bars within the resort. It promises to please you, no matter what your individual partying style may be!

Moon – Located in the Palms, the nightclub is one of the best hot spots in Las Vegas. It is particularly known for its retractable roof. When the roof is in place, it acts as a large video screen that projects the ongoing events within the nightclub. It is amazing to view the shimmering tiles of the roof changing colors through an advanced lighting system. If you want to dance all night in a colorful nightclub, Moon is the place for you to be!


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Top 5 Tequila Brands Worldwide

If you have not taken a tequila shot, you cannot possibly be a great drinker. Drinking tequila is not only a great experience but it can also enhance your palate. Not to mention, the thrill of the process makes a tequila shot all the more enjoyable. Licking the salt off your hand, taking the shot and sucking on the lime afterwards can be one of the shortest, yet one of the best drinking experiences. Generally, you will get your order at any bar along with the salt and the lime. If you are at a reputed bar, you will find all sorts of tequilas from clear and unaged ones to highly aged ones. There are also flavors and colors to choose from. All of these types are best produced by these top 5 tequila brands in the world.

Casa Noble Tequila Crystal – Casa Noble stands among the most premium tequila brands Bartenders-Tequila-casa-nobleand you would be hard pressed to find it at any small liquor store. The brand has earned a reputation for being rare and hard to find. However, once you do find it at a good bar or in a liquor shelf stacked with expensive drinks, you will be convinced that it was worth the search. With one of the most refined tastes, it easily stands among the most popular tequila brands.


Jose Cuervo Black Medallion Tequila – As one of the most mainstream brands, it is known bartenders-jose-cuervo-black-medallionby almost everyone and for all the right reasons. This certainly is fairly expensive but if you have the money to try it, you will realize that it offers a great deal and is worth every penny!






Patron Silver – If there is one brand everyone has heard of, it is probably Patron Silver.Bartenders_Patron_Silver This tequila is extremely smooth and has a very high quality. In fact, it is now becoming so popular that Patrol tequila shots may not be very affordable to purchase!





Blanco – Produced in Mexico, Blanco is one of the tequila brands that are specifically known for their quality. The distillation process of this drink is highly intricate and the brand has a reputation for producing absolutely perfect drinks. It is said that it is nearly impossible to find an impurity in Blanco tequila, specifically due to the company’s dedication to achieving perfection.

Voodoo tiki Platinum – Haven’t heard of this tequila brand? Well, we aren’t surprised. bartenders-voodoo-tiki-tequilaYou will find the brand in one of the most underrated brands in most countries. However, it is sold a lot in places where it is known. The major reason people love this brand is because of the fact that it focuses on keeping the drink classic and rustic. It is produced by following the traditional process, which gives it the taste of ancient tequila shots.

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Preparing to Bartend for a Party: All the must do’s and must-haves

Parties are perhaps the most happening places to bartend. You have the liberty to setup bartenders-bartendinghowever you want, wherever you want and the possibility of meeting a great crowd as the night progresses. To entertain the crowd, firstly the Bar should be in a central location where it is accessible by most of the people. All the glassware and bartending equipment should put up where they are visible and safe from breakage. You will also be needing an ice cooler or a portable refrigerator to cool wine and beer.

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Essentials about buying Alcohol/Setting up an Alcohol Bar at your own wedding


It won’t be wrong to say that food and alcohol represent a large portion of anyone’s bartenders411-bartenderwedding celebrations as well as budget. You can buy your own alcohol for the wedding or even hire a local bar’s services that can extend you their services, or either just buy your own alcohol and hire a bartender to take care of the rest.

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Ways to Increase Bar Sales: Ensure regular flow of customers


Bars are perhaps the most tricky and most easy places “to make money”. The idea is to exceed guest expectations and make them come again and again. Keeping the customers happy and satisfied is “mostly” what is required. A disgruntled customer will leave and probably never make his way back to your bar and make sure anyone else who he comes across doesn’t too. Continue reading

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What it takes to be a Brilliant Bartender: A few tips to hone your skills

Bartending is Indeed a fun profession. Bartenders get to interact with a lot of people on Bartenders411-hot-bartenderdaily basis and their ongoing profession keeps them on their toes for most of the time. They have to be pretty good at their game in order to keep going up the ladder. One of the key traits includes attentiveness, quick reflexes and an apt drink mixing knowledge.

Let us look at 3 top qualities of a great Bartender.

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Enjoy The Luxuries in The Great Restaurants

top-restaurantIf you are in Europe and you are looking for the best hotels then go to London, which is the city of restaurants. There are great restaurants in the city that offer world class services to their clients 24/7. Montreal, a Canadian city which is also known as the cultural hub for the Canada, is also well known for world class top restaurants. All of these hotels are offering the most deluxe stay. These hotels may also be considered the most expensive around the globe.

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The majority of the metropolitan cities in the world are considered as the most happening places. Especially on weekends most of the people plan to spend their night in club restaurant or bar. Hence, it is all about enjoying and relaxing yourself. In America every city has one or two bars and cafes which are rated as the best bar or café of the town. Usually they are fully booked and jam pack on weekends.  Continue reading

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Bars and Clubs of Your Choice

bars-clubClubs and sport bars are the places for the people of all ages. Youngsters and teenagers have craze to be there, especially when they are invited by their loved ones. The clubs are the sign of trendy and fashionable life. These places are the part of our daily life and especially night life. Sports bars and clubs are ranked by the people with respect to their environment and services. Everyone wants to be treated as a special customer. Also it really does matter, that how the environment of the sports bar make the person enthusiastic.

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Bar tender is a person who serves beverages and drink in the bar and who has the license to carry this activity. His job is to maintain the inventory in the bar. In today’s world bar tenders are often popular for their unique recipes. They often mix up several drinks to make a new cocktail which is unique in flavor and taste. It is a good source of earning. Along with being paid for the different cocktails and drink mix they are also being given tip by most of the customers. This is also one of the good sources to generate income for them.

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