Bar tender is a person who serves beverages and drink in the bar and who has the license to carry this activity. His job is to maintain the inventory in the bar. In today’s world bar tenders are often popular for their unique recipes. They often mix up several drinks to make a new cocktail which is unique in flavor and taste. It is a good source of earning. Along with being paid for the different cocktails and drink mix they are also being given tip by most of the customers. This is also one of the good sources to generate income for them.



Many of the young guys are interested in this job and want to opt it as occupation. Since this job carries a lot of interesting activities with it. The person behind the bar does not just have to toss the drinks or socialize. Besides this he can meet several new people daily and can become a popular man in the town. To be a bar tender a license has to be taken which serves as an approval. This license is issued by the regulating body in order to ensure that right product will be provided to customers in the best suitable atmosphere. It is one of the key responsibilities that the person should know details about alcohol before he mix drinks. How to be a bar tender is not a difficult question to be answered. All one needs is knowledge about alcohol beverages and drinks. He should have license and bar crockery which includes attractive glasses and mixers.

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