The majority of the metropolitan cities in the world are considered as the most happening places. Especially on weekends most of the people plan to spend their night in club restaurant or bar. Hence, it is all about enjoying and relaxing yourself. In America every city has one or two bars and cafes which are rated as the best bar or café of the town. Usually they are fully booked and jam pack on weekends. 

Las Vegas is considered as the giant play ground and its casinos clubs and bars are famous all over the world. People who have visited the place have the opinion about the bars as best bars in the world. Here the city sleeps in the day time and is up all night. It has the reputation of most happening place for adults where they can gamble and enjoy and can earn millions in one night. New York City comes under the list of those cities which have the widest variety of night life. The clubs casinos and bars are famous all over the world. People from all over the world often plan to spend their vacation in New York City to have maximum fun and good time. Along with these two places there are many other bars and clubs all across America and Europe. Night life in western world is one of the attractions for foreigners and tourists.

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