Enjoy The Luxuries in The Great Restaurants

top-restaurantIf you are in Europe and you are looking for the best hotels then go to London, which is the city of restaurants. There are great restaurants in the city that offer world class services to their clients 24/7. Montreal, a Canadian city which is also known as the cultural hub for the Canada, is also well known for world class top restaurants. All of these hotels are offering the most deluxe stay. These hotels may also be considered the most expensive around the globe.

These top restaurants are the most expensive restaurants around the globe. You can take example of President Wilson Hotel in Geneva that must be the most expensive one in the world. You might have to spend 53,000 USD to have a stay in this luxurious


hotel. Who doesn’t know about the beauty of Las Vegas? If you are planning to stay in Palms Casino Resort of Las Vegas, then you would be having around 40 thousand bucks in your pocket. Now fly to Rome and enjoy the wealthiest hotel of country, Westin Excelsior Hotel. You must know that a day stay in this hotel will cost you 25 thousand dollars, but you will be able to experience the finest services there. You can find so many other great restaurants around the world but these are three top restaurants without class services.



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