What it takes to be a Brilliant Bartender: A few tips to hone your skills

Bartending is Indeed a fun profession. Bartenders get to interact with a lot of people on Bartenders411-hot-bartenderdaily basis and their ongoing profession keeps them on their toes for most of the time. They have to be pretty good at their game in order to keep going up the ladder. One of the key traits includes attentiveness, quick reflexes and an apt drink mixing knowledge.

Let us look at 3 top qualities of a great Bartender.

 1) A great Communicator

This is perhaps the most integral quality of all. You should be able to talk to your guests easily and make them feel at home. In this profession, the customer service relies primarily on communication and how well you are able to make your client feel at home.

2) Multitasking

You are going to have to mix and serve several drinks at once. Not only this, but you will also have to socialize with the customers, interact with them, make drinks and maybe even have to clean the bar all at once.

3) Organized and Prepared

Bars are perhaps the busiest of places on weekends and late at night. Organization is the key to a great Bar-tending job. You should know where your shaker, bar key liquor and all other essential ingredients are.

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