Essentials about buying Alcohol/Setting up an Alcohol Bar at your own wedding


It won’t be wrong to say that food and alcohol represent a large portion of anyone’s bartenders411-bartenderwedding celebrations as well as budget. You can buy your own alcohol for the wedding or even hire a local bar’s services that can extend you their services, or either just buy your own alcohol and hire a bartender to take care of the rest.

There are a few things everyone must know during the planning. While you consult your guest list, make sure you exclude any minors who are not allowed to drink, and make sure they don’t find their way to alcohol during the wedding as well.

You can hire the Bartender by contacting a local bar or by putting up an ad in your local newspaper and interview anyone who comes along. After you have hired, you should have a contract with all the rates the bartender will be charging you for and both the parties should comply with it.

Next, most importantly you have to decide what sort of alcohol you will be serving and at what time. You should have a list in which all sorts of alcohol like wine, beer, hard liquor, cola, ginger ale, orange juice etc, are included. Usually Champagne is served for toasts, liquor for the dancing reception and wine is served with dinner.

Call all the stores, find the most optimum rates and place your order. Make sure you get your schedule of pick-up absolutely right.


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  1. Short, sweet, and informative!

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