Preparing to Bartend for a Party: All the must do’s and must-haves

Parties are perhaps the most happening places to bartend. You have the liberty to setup bartenders-bartendinghowever you want, wherever you want and the possibility of meeting a great crowd as the night progresses. To entertain the crowd, firstly the Bar should be in a central location where it is accessible by most of the people. All the glassware and bartending equipment should put up where they are visible and safe from breakage. You will also be needing an ice cooler or a portable refrigerator to cool wine and beer.

Next, fruit should be cut up into slices etc. You can choose fruit according to the theme of your party. For instance, you can use slices of pineapple to garnish the drinks in a Hawaiian themed party.

The Bar setup at a party is usually temporary, therefore you need to make sure you have all the equipment like blender, mixing tins, strainers and all sorts of glassware for making drinks like wine glasses, shot glasses, mixed drinks etc.

As far as the liquors are concerned, you need gin, standard vodka, bourbon, whiskey, tequila and triple sec. What type of drinks you mix and serve depends on a lot on the sort of crowd you are expecting. For an old age crowd, you may want loads of manhattans like bourbon whiskey and sweet vermouth. A Bartender’s manual can give one good piece of information on the sort of liquors you can come up with in accordance with the type of crowd.

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