Las Vegas Hot Spots

No one needs to be introduced to Las Vegas, the city known for its modern party culture. It  las-vegas-clubs-bartenders411is a no-brainer vacation spot if you are looking for some drinking and party with a spouse or with friends. With the diverse culture of Vegas and the active ambiance, you will soon find yourself lost in the night club parties. If you are visiting Vegas and want to make sure that you make the most out of your trip, you must visit the best hot spots here. These are the places where you cannot only have amazing food but can also enjoy some of the world’s best lagers and wines. Here is our list of the top Hot Spots in Vegas.

 Play Boy Club – This one is a no-brainer. It is the ultimate partying spot in Las Vegas. The club is often seen as an adult playground. You can visit it simply to drink and dance along with your partner. However, your options do not end here. The nightclub is located in Palms Resort, which is known to have the best casinos in the city. You can carelessly enjoy answering all your vices here!

Wet Republic – This Las Vegas hotspot is the perfect amalgamation of the night and day life of the city. Regardless of the time, you can visit the place to have amazing time. In the daytime, you can enjoy the saltwater pools and spas here. You can also have fun sunbathing in the large 2500 square feet lounge. On the other hand, you can visit the Web Republic at night to enjoy the best nightlife in the city.

Hard Rock Beach Club –With perfect oasis surroundings, this place could not be more perfect to party at night. You can hear the sound of a waterfall nearby while looking over at the blue waters. To enhance the theme, you will get your drinks on the rocks and enjoy through the night to the sound of music mingled with the rush of the waves!

Red Rock Casinos Resort –It would be nearly impossible to find resort as good as this one. The place is perfect for relaxing with its innumerable spas and luxurious bungalows. If you are still in the mood to party, you can choose among the movie theatres, nightclubs and bars within the resort. It promises to please you, no matter what your individual partying style may be!

Moon – Located in the Palms, the nightclub is one of the best hot spots in Las Vegas. It is particularly known for its retractable roof. When the roof is in place, it acts as a large video screen that projects the ongoing events within the nightclub. It is amazing to view the shimmering tiles of the roof changing colors through an advanced lighting system. If you want to dance all night in a colorful nightclub, Moon is the place for you to be!


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  1. I LOVE VEGAS!!! My favorite club is CLUB XS!!!

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